Error Messages make me smile

Don’t you just love technology? Windows coughed up the most fantastic error to date, this weekend. There I was working away, minding my own business when up popped:


Individual Applications, crash… yes, Memory cannot be referenced… at a push, but trying to tell me the whole GUI has crashed? I think you’re having a joke. Even better, click Ok and what happens? Nothing, absolutely nothing. If you’re going to give me an error message that sounds serious, atleast let it result in something interesting…

Google Maps – 2.5D View

I really like this feature, it gives a great sense of perspective. It opens the doors to so many development opportunities though:

Fly-throughs of routes you have plotted (as an extension to current routing functionality)
If they are drawn to scale, an ability to measure the height of the building
Use of the hybrid function to drape/view the aerial imagery in relief – admittedly the latter could be a little cache-hungry…

Here’s hoping that we get to see parts of UK towns and cites in 2.5D soon.