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I’m going to Finland on Thursday to go on a road trip around Lapland and I’m planning to keep track of my location (and post something online automatically too). I’ll update this post soon with more information about how I do that. At the moment I’m thinking of using the following:

  • Nokia Sports Tracker – This should track my location as well as photos and videos taken along the way… A little more than a ‘sports’ tracker.
  • If I can get my GPS tracker up and running again I’ll use that too.
  • General GPS logger so that I can add the location metadata in post-production.

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Duncan Sample

A Solution Engineer at Nokia Siemens Networks with interests in converging technologies, Location Based Services and information management.

One thought on “Road-trip Location blogging”

  1. I guess the trip was so cool! Pls, I’d like to have your trip tracking, or some advices where I can find tracking trips from all of the world! I also have a S60 mobile.



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