Google encourages data corrections

Google have started to allow users to correct their address gazetteer. By searching for your address (I think this is US only for the moment) you will be shown the address marker as normal, but now when you click on the marker you will have the object to edit it and drag the marker to where you think it should be. This sounds to me like free labour on the pretence of better service in the future… a cunning ploy by Google, and one which I will probably join in on when I find a business I’m looking for has it’s marker out of place.

For minor changes it’s an instant fix, but if it’s wildly out (200m or more) the change gets put in a moderation queue.

I’ve been wondering about this kind of thing for a while and it’s nice to see more collaborative mapping happening… now, if we could only convince Google to collaborate on OpenStreetMap.

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4 thoughts on “Google encourages data corrections”

  1. I’d like to move the discussion from address errors to errors relative to showing streets (or in my case, bike path/trails) which are incorrectly marked. Thanks, by the way to whomever (Google staff, Users?) who have begun to show bike/pedestrian trails.
    Were do I go to report an error in marking an existing trail, and, where to suggest additions of labels for existing trails which are not yet marked?

  2. I live in Village Park Apts (12569), directly opposite Ravine Road. Although Google shows the buildings correctly on the satelite map, the ‘A’ designation is at least a half mile up the road (Co Rte 72) from where the apartments actually are.

  3. You place our business 7 miles down the road from its actual location. We are at 150 Shoreline Hwy, Mill Valley, CA which is 200 yards from US 101 but Google maps puts us 7 miles down the highway nearer Muir Woods. I went to one correction site but it showed the correct location yet Google still has it wrong. HELP!!!

  4. I went onto http://www.use your I own the pub The Old Stables In Beattock, Scotland and details are incorrect.How can changes be made to correct the site? The details show a private house? Regards Peter Dutton

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