Obvious Implementations: GeoConnexion Events

It always surprises me when there are places that could so easily implement both mapping, and a data feeds of some sort. It’s even more surprising/annoying when it’s someone inside the industry.

The GeoConnexion Events page details future GIS events from around the world. The main drawback with the page is that it’s only a webpage. There’s no RSS or iCalendar XML feed, not even a Google Map (or Yahoo/VE map for that matter).

It’s not as if it wouldn’t be technically possible… the page is a PHP script, and looking at the patterns in the HTML, the events are most-likely in a database, so it would only take a couple of minute to produce an XML file so I could include it in my Google Calendar.

One step further would be if they had an interactive map on the page so you could shorten the list of events by location (whatever locations are visible in the map window are shown below).

These should be standard issue things for new websites, but it seems that people still neglect the power of opening their information for others to use and share however they need.

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